Who are we?

We are a group of artists, engineers, activists, and technologists who have been behind the largest online protests in human history, channeling Internet outrage into political power to win public interest victories previously thought to be impossible. We fight for a future where technology is a force for liberation— not oppression. ✊

Recent Projects

Ban Facial Recognition at Live Events

Artists, venues, and fans: you have a choice when it comes to the technology that’s present at live events. Pledge now to help us fight it.

Don't Track My Car

Big Tech’s automotive ambitions are bad for our economy and dangerous for drivers. The U.S. government must take regulatory action right now to stop Big Tech from taking control of our cars, before it’s too late.

Battle for Libraries

Sign the petition to show your support for the Internet Archive, libraries’ digital rights, and an open internet with uncensored access to knowledge.

Cancel Ring Nation

Ring is not family-friendly, and we can’t let MGM use Ring Nation to put a happy face on this privacy-violating surveillance tool. Cancel Ring Nation now.

Ban eProctoring

We are calling on schools to end the use of invasive eproctoring apps.

Google: Stop Endangering Abortion Seekers

In the wake of Roe v. Wade repeal, Google's location data stockpile will be weaponized against abortion patients and doctors. We're demanding an immediate stop to unnecessary collection and retention of our location data.

End Creative Monopolies

The current U.S. copyright system is broken. Our laws for creative works like books, songs, and movies make art-monopolizing corporations richer at the expense of artists. We demand change.

Amazon Doesn't Rock

VICTORY: After major backlash from artists and music lovers, Red Rocks Amphitheater has ended its use Amazon palm scanning technology.

Cancel Amazon + Police Partnerships

Over 1,400 of Amazon's police partners use Ring footage to target protesters and surveil everyone. These partnerships threaten our rights + our democracy.


VICTORY: We organized nationwide protests against Apple's proposed backdoor in iOS 15. The plan is shelved for now.

Ban Facial Recognition in Stores

Your face should not be scanned, stored, or sold just because you walk into or work at a store. Ban facial recognition in stores.

No COVID-19 in Our Name

Artists and creators penned an open letter to call for the sharing of life saving medical technology.

End Child Surveillance

Technology companies are preying on our children for profit and putting them in danger. We need to protect our kids.

Protest Amazon

Amazon's surveillance empire fuels militarized policing. It needs to stop.

Stop Spotify Surveillance

Tell Spotify to drop its creepy plan to spy on our conversations and emotionally manipulate us for profit.

Stop Spying on Kids

We are calling for four major changes to protect kids online: ban addictive and manipulative app features; ban micro-targeted advertising; limit data collection itself; and ban biometric stalkerware.

Make Zoom Safe

VICTORY: We won a campaign to get Zoom to offer end-to-end encryption for all accounts, regardless of payment status.

Operation Save Democracy

We helped everyone on the Internet to come together and get out the vote in 2020.

Rescind Ring

Amazon Ring cameras continue to be given awards despite issues with security, privacy, and racial profiling. It’s time for reviewers to rescind their endorsements of these dangerous products.

Who Is Harming Kids?

YouTube's invasive advertising hurts kids. Are the brands you support contributing to the problem? View our scorecard to find out.

Save Online Free Speech

President Trump issued an executive order attacking CDA 230, the law that protects free speech online. Tell the FCC what you think about this disastrous policy.

End Ring Partnerships

As police have militarized and increased their budgets, technology corporations like Amazon have become their silent partners. Let's put an end to these dangerous partnerships.

Take This Seriously

The COVID-19 pandemic threatens our public health, but many proposed responses to this new coronavirus threaten our privacy and personal safety. We must take all these threats seriously.

Ban Facial Recognition on Campus

Dangerous facial recognition is already being used on college campuses across America. We've teamed up with student groups to fight back.

Ban Facial Recognition at Festivals

We've convinced musical artists, venues, and promoters to take a stand against using invasive and racially-biased facial recognition technology at music festivals.


Tech workers have the power to stop unethical uses of technology. Whistleblowing is an act of love for humanity.

Gamers for Freedom

Game developers and publishers are censoring gamers for expressing political opinions, so we are fighting to protect our basic human rights.

Drop Salesforce

We demanded Salesforce cancel their contract with US Customs and Border Protection and set up a “Detention Center” at Dreamforce.

Let’s Get Safe

Securing your phone and computer can feel overwhelming. This site makes it easy.

Hello Vote

Register to vote, get reminders to vote, and encourage your friends to show up to the polls on election day with the HelloVote chat bot.

The Poor People's Campaign

Somebody’s hurting our people. It’s gone on far too long, and we won’t be silent anymore.

Earth Day Live

On April 22-24, millions around the world took to the web to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Digital Climate Strike

Join millions of people walking out of their homes and workplaces to show their support for environmental protection through a digital strike. No more business as usual!


Photo of Sarah Roth-Gaudette

Executive Director
Sarah Roth-Gaudette

Sarah Roth-Gaudette’s diverse background encompasses 25+ years of supervisory, administrative, campaign product and tech development, communications, and fundraising experience. She ran the Public Interest Network’s fundraising and field canvass operation, where she raised more than $20 million in grassroots income annually, employing thousands of staff and innovating new technologies for grassroots mobilization. She has also led many volunteer-driven voter registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns, and was one of the first employees of’s PAC, where she developed new models for neighbor-to-neighbor canvassing and precinct leader organizing still widely used today. In 2015, Sarah joined Fight as the Chief Operating Officer, and in 2018 was promoted to be the organization’s Executive Director. Under her leadership Fight grew from an organization focused on a single issue to one that is leading on many, doubling both the budget and team size. Sarah has been described as the special kind of unicorn leader that obsesses over vision and detail, but somehow remains an overall nice and fun person to work with. 

Photo of Evan Greer

Evan Greer

Evan Greer is a queer trans activist and writer who has been on the front lines of some of the highest profile grassroots victories of the last decade with Fight for the Future. Evan develops strategy and messaging to inform all Fight’s campaigns, interfaces with legislators and press, and steers crisis response. She is a leading expert on the intersection of LGBTQ rights issues and tech policy, particularly concerning content regulation, data privacy, commercial surveillance, and algorithmic harms, and sits on GLAAD’s Social Media Safety Index advisory board. Evan’s op-eds and adept framing of the issues are regular features in numerous publications, including The Guardian, Newsweek, CNN, Newsweek, and Time. Called “a heck of a guitarist” by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, she is also a professional musician and continues to create music, tour and organize live music events.

Photo of Ayele B. Hunt

Campaign Strategies Director
Ayele B. Hunt

Ayele B. Hunt develops strategies and builds coalitions for all of Fight’s campaigns, and has spearheaded Fight’s efforts with the Athena Coalition to stop Amazon’s surveillance empire and end their exploitative model of worker surveillance. She has expertise organizing campaigns and advocating for reproductive rights and gender justice, immigrant rights, anti-islamophobia, and health care for all. Before joining Fight, Ayele managed winning electoral campaigns for municipal and state candidates. She served on the board of ACLU Florida and was the youngest appointed Commissioner on the St. Petersburg Housing Authority Board.

A photo of Caitlin Seeley George

Campaigns and Managing Director
Caitlin Seeley George

Caitlin Seeley George leads campaigns against the proliferation of facial recognition and other biometric technologies, on combating abortion surveillance, and advocating for robust privacy policies and technologies like end-to-end encryption. A graduate of GreenCorps, the field school for environmental organizing, Caitlin joined Fight with a decade of experience in campaign organization and major fundraising, including donor communications and managing the direct mail program for nonprofits such as Food & Water Watch and Environment America. Particularly skilled at clarifying priorities and building coalition actions, Caitlin is able to clearly frame issues, and is often quoted in mainstream press including in The New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, CBS News, and LA Times, and has been featured on PBS NewsHour.

Photo of Lia Holland

Campaigns and Communications Director
Lia Holland

Lia Holland oversees day-to-day communications, leads campaigns, and builds coalitions related to knowledge access, creators’ rights, and emerging technologies, including decentralized tech and AI.  With a background in eco-defense, anti-war activism, and LGBTQ+ organizing, and more than a decade of experience in the music industry, they also provide analysis, strategic thinking, and connection-building in their role at Fight. Unfazed by controversy, Lia is relentless in her commitment to dismantling creative monopolies and other discriminatory gatekeeping and as a social artist and a speculative fiction writer, believes a good story can change the world.

Photo of Eseohe Ojo

Policy and Campaign Manager
Eseohe Ojo

Eseohe Ojo leads campaigns, strategic outreach, and coalition building related to the intersection of human rights, privacy, and decentralized technology. Her background includes work on a wide range of issues including gender and climate justice, freedom of expression, and open government. Her prior experience in policy and human rights work in Nigeria and Canada gives her a unique perspective on digital rights and internet freedom in a global context. She has also worked with GreenPac and the Centre for International Governance Innovation, and is a Dweb Projects Organizer.

Photo of Leila Nashashibi

Leila Nashashibi

Leila Nashashibi works on strategy and coalition building in relation to surveillance and policing, focusing on the importance of building intersectional movements. Leila got her organizing start working on a campaign to end international police exchanges, and also been involved in grassroots anti-war, anti-imperialist movement building networks and organizations. She has served on the steering committee of a U.S.-based network of Arab and Muslim feminists and is a member of Dissenters’ Coaches Network, where she supports youth-led abolitionist, internationalist and anti-war organizing.

Photo of Sarah E. Philips

Sarah E. Philips

Sarah E. Philips supports Fight’s campaigns on free expression, LGBTQ+ youth, and anti-surveillance. A community activist, youth organizer, and TikTok influencer, Sarah’s background includes reproductive justice, mutual aid, abolition, as well South Asian diasporic racial justice advocacy. Before joining Fight they were the Director of Operations at the Asian Desi Pacific Islander American Collective, a student activist organization housed at the University of Texas at Austin. A journalist and creative writer, Sarah’s op-ed in Teen Vogue on how KOSA will restrict access to LGBTQ+ online communities was widely circulated.

Photo of Matt Lane

Senior Policy Counsel
Matt Lane

Matt Lane supports Fight’s campaigns directly on the hill. An expert on tech policy, and multilayered legal matters that directly touch people’s lives, previous to joining Fight, Matt was a Senior Director at Insight Public Affairs. His background includes running his own consulting business, and working as an associate attorney in the law office of David Balto, where he authored amicus briefs to the Supreme Court and circuit courts, public comments to the FCC and FTC, and policy papers. He is also a ceramicist and avid rock climber.

Lead Editorial
Anna Bonesteel

Anna Bonesteel helms Fight’s newsletter, Touch Grass, writing about and providing editorial support across issue areas. Previously Fight’s Strategic Response Manager, they are trained as a painter, and use diverse means to probe the connections between art, technology, and governance. Before joining Fight, they supported the youth-led Providence Student Union and were a competitive strategist at a global financial firm. They are currently pursuing a PHD.

Photo of Vasjen Katro

Lead Designer
Vasjen Katro

Vasjen Katro is a globally acclaimed visual designer, art director, and UI expert. At Fight, he embraces the challenge of designing for numerous campaigns, bringing innovation, persistence and resourcefulness in his work. Based out of Tirana, Albania, he was one of only five artists to create an NFT for the new Mercedes Benz G-Class and was chosen to create an Adobe Remix, and his prominent art work, “Baugasm,” a personal project he started early in 2016, where he challenged himself to design a poster daily for one year and post them on Instagram, is followed by more than 200,000 people.

Photo of Meredith Laverty

Senior Software Engineer
Meredith Laverty

Meredith Laverty supports all of Fight’s campaigns, including those on facial recognition, anti-surveillance, and racial equity. Meredith has been creating software for 20+ years, and brings her love of building things and solving puzzles to her work as coder. Before joining Fight, she co-founded Fancy Rabbit Software, and worked with a number of tech startups. Meridith has also worked as an educator and a volunteer STEM tutor for students in under-resourced Chicago neighborhoods, and runs coding activities at her neighborhood school for Computer Science Education Week.

Photo of Ken Mickles

Chief Technology Officer
Ken Mickles

Ken Mickles develops and maintains bespoke digital activism tools like Fight’s Contact Congress, Discord bot, and custom website builds. He consults on development of new tools and how to interface with various governmental bodies’ systems for maximum impact. As a technologist, he advises on Fight’s tech campaign strategies. Before joining Fight, he co-founded Fancy Rabbit Software, owned a screen printing company, taught programming at a community college, and helped start Where I’ve Been, which was acquired by TripAdvisor. 

Photo of Terri Woodbury

Chief Finance Officer
Terri Woodbury

Terri Woodbury brings over 25 years of financial experience and has a great passion for creating the perfect spreadsheet. She is charged with all things related to fiscal management, human resources and organizational operations as well as other back-end operations, including financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting. As Fight’s organizational budget and associated workload has increased over the years, Terri has built a streamlined process to nimbly manage both c3 and c4 finances and accounting. Terri also oversees grant processes from proposal to final reporting; monitors and reports all risk management; and administers employee benefits and payroll. Before shifting to the non-profit sector, Terri owned her own financial management business focusing on new business startups and forensic accounting.

Photo of Hally Thornton

Executive Assistant & Campaign Support
Hally Thornton

Hally Thornton provides capacity and support to all of Fight’s campaigners. With over two decades of administrative expertise, she brings a wealth of experience to Fight, enabling the team to better push the mission forward. In addition to her professional role as an Executive Assistant, she volunteers in her community, supporting asylum seekers, local arts organizations, and causes like Fair Fight Action and Planned Parenthood and is active in the fat justice community. Hally is also a comics artist, illustrator, and writer, and the co-owner of a Brooklyn-based gallery.

Organizational Storyteller & Grant Writer
Holen Sabrina Kahn

Holen Sabrina Kahn is an experienced storyteller who comes to Fight from a career as an award winning producer and director of films focusing on human rights, and social justice. Her background also includes over fifteen years in non profit arts, education and advocacy organizations, including serving as an Executive Director of community arts center, Gallery Route One, and as Director of Educational Innovation at the Jacob Burns Film Center.

Photo of Gaetano Vaccaro

Video Artist
Gaetano Vaccaro

Gaetano Vaccaro creates dynamic videos and stories for Fight’s campaigns and websites. A filmmaker, musician, and educator, Gaetano is committed to making meaningful contributions to this world through storytelling in film. Through the company they founded, Sunangel Media, Gaetano has been supporting non-profit organizations, state agencies, and businesses for over a decade in the form of educational, promotional, and fundraising videos. Additionally, Gaetano also filmed and edited numerous music videos, receiving acclaim in publications such Rolling Stone and Billboard. Gaetano’s 2019 music video for the global nonprofit One Billion Rising, has received over a million views across platforms to date. An accomplished musician, they have created and performed for over 15 years with music partner Taína Asili.

Fight for the Future 501(c)3 Board

Photo of Tiffiniy Cheng

Tiffiniy Cheng

Co-founder of Fight for the Future, Open Congress, Miro, and the advocacy organization, A New Way Forward. She is currently an Ashoka fellow.

Photo of Hannah Sassman

Hannah Sassman

Executive director of People’s Tech Project. Campaigner and organizer at the intersection of race, technology, inequality, and local power. Based in Philadelphia.

Photo of Ernesto Falcon

Board Member
Ernesto Falcon

Senior Legislative Counsel at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Expert on intellectual property, open Internet issues, broadband access, and competition policy.

Photo of Holmes Wilson

Holmes Wilson

Co-founder of Fight for the Future, Miro, Open Congress, and Amara. He also ran online campaigns for the Free Software Foundation.