Fight for the Future

Fight for the Future Education Fund works to advance the new power technology gives us to improve our own lives and the world. We believe that heightening the public's understanding of this new power and giving people tools to act is the best way to defend and expand it. Right now, our primary projects are here:

HelloVote: register to vote!

We built the easiest, fastest way to register to vote. You can register by SMS or Facebook Messenger in less than a minute!

Thank Edward Snowden
Thank Edward Snowden

10,000 people used our page to say "Thank You" to Edward Snowden for exposing the NSA's illegal spying.

Teenager Locked up for FB post! Free Cameron
90,000 signatures got a kid out of jail and saved free speech.

Our viral petition for Cameron D'Ambrosio, teen rapper locked up for posting lyrics on FB.

POLL: Who should run the net?
POLL: Who should run the net?

The last night of the ITU meetings in Dubai proved that this UN agency is no place to govern the net.

Internet Freedom Day
1/18: Internet Freedom Day

On the one year anniversary of the blackout that killed SOPA, we had a party where we shared links to our favorite stuff that should never be censored.

Stop the ITU's Internet Coup!
Stop the ITU's Internet Coup!

Think we should give governments and big companies more control over the Internet? Neither do we.

Stop ACTA and the TPP
Stop ACTA and the TPP

After SOPA, protests against ACTA erupted across Europe and killed it. The battle for the free Internet rages on. What's next?.

VIDEO: What is the ITU?
VIDEO: What is the ITU?

The ITU could put the Internet behind closed doors. People must demand an open Internet

your excuse sucks
Your Excuse Sucks

Getting those excuse makers out to voteā€”even if it means shaming them into it.

vote with friends
Vote with Friends

Just because YOU'RE voting doesn't mean you're doing everything you can this election.

Internet Votes
The Internet Votes

We fought off internet censorship. Now, we can defend the internet and change democracy forever.

I work for the Internet
I work for The Internet

We wanted to show politicians that the internet is a major employer in *every* hometown. It worked!

PIPA Video
PIPA Video

We made the video that introduced millions of internet users to SOPA & PIPA, the internet censorship bills.

Internet Defense League

Together, we can mobilize the planet to defend the internet from bad laws and monopolies. You in?

Get your Censor On Comics

Get Your War On comic nails Hollywood. Why the world is doomed if Hollywood controls the web

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